About Us

Alaukik, according to Indian culture, is something that is celestial and blessed with divine power.
When we thought of foraying into manufacturing of incense sticks, we were very clear of our goal - our products should touch the hearts and inspires the souls. And hence, Alaukik was a natural choice for branding.

We strongly believe that incense sticks are much more that yet another product. They bring positivity to the surroundings and uplift the overall atmosphere with their soothing fragrances. In a way, they greatly influence our senses and our thinking, shaping our destiny in the long run.

It is with this deep understanding of responsibility; we choose finest raw material along with natural fragrances and combine them to create a long lasting, magical experience.

We welcome you to explore our world of fragrances with a potential of infusing full peace of mind.


We all have a different way of life. Reflecting this diversity, we at Alaukik, have developed an assorted bouquet of fragrances to suit your need and touch your soul.

  • Fancy Fragrance

  • Natural Fragrance

  • Floral Fragrance

  • Refreshing Fragrance

  • Religious Fragrance
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